STAR Girlz Empowerment, Inc. is a self-development empowerment program designed for female youth ages 10-21. Our unique empowerment curriculum offers a powerful, hands-on experience that allows each STAR to:

    • Develop positive Self-esteem, self-love and motivation

    • Promote Healing and develop healthy coping and decision-making skills

    • Be Inspired to further their education

    • Navigate through at risk behaviors or circumstances involving the influence of peer pressure, gangs,
      drugs, and sex trafficking

    • Elevate to their full potential


Our organization’s focus is to MENTOR, EMPOWER, and TRANSFORM the minds and behaviors of female youth by reminding them that they are valuable, relevant and STARZ. A STAR is simply represented as a symbol of excellence or someone who is exceptionally talented. We developed a STARZ compass, which is a symbol of our female youth self-development model: social, emotional, mental, educational, and personal growth, used as a guide to create a brighter life.  

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